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 The advantages of travels

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PostSubject: The advantages of travels   Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:16 pm

The Advantages of Travel

Write a passage with the words and phrases given:
advantages, widen our knowledge, make friends, knowledge of geography, beautiful scenery, different lifestyle, customs and cultures, various food, practise a foreign lan guage, worth spending the time.
Whenever a college student is asked, "What are you going to do this summer vacation?" The most probable answer might be "I am going to have a travel. " It sounds that college students are fond of travelling. Why? Because travel has numerous advantages.
First of all, travel can widen our knowledge of geography, the knowledge of customs, cultures and lifestyles of different places and countries. Secondly, we can make friends and practise a foreign language through travelling. Finally, travel is the best way of pastime.
,We can enjoy eating various food and seeing beautiful sceneries.
In a word, we can benefit from travel in more than one way. It is worth spending the time
So far as the topic Health and Wealth is concerned, different people have different opinions about it.
,Some think that wealth means everything. To them , wealth or having a lot of money can help them to do what they want to do. With a lot of money , they can buy the beautiful house, expensive car, beautiful clothes , and so on. They even have the idea that they can buy happiness which they like.
On the other hand, some other people don’t agree with those people mentioned above. They believe that Healthy is more important than wealth. First, you can enjoy a happier life with healthy body than those wealthy people with poor health. Second, a healthy body is the foundation for a successful career. Third, a healthy body is also necessary for accumulating wealth.

In a word,
,, keeping health first if you want become wealthy. It is well-known that a person can make a large fortune if he has the right opportunities during his life. But if the person suffers from a terrible illness, then no matter how much money he may earn, he will still lead a miserable life.
, Therefore, health is much more important than wealth.
The Advantages of Travel
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The advantages of travels
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